How Come The Smartie Candies Will Rip Your Tongue So Quickly? Lol


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You're right Tiggs, now that I think of it, Smarties do hurt your tongue! I don't really have an answer for you, other than that maybe it has something to do with the sweetness and the tartness. Other foods that make my tongue sore after eating them are fudge and pineapple. For some reason, every time I eat a piece of fudge (as delish as it is!) my tongue starts hurting. The same applies to pineapple. Hmmm. Weird phenomenon...
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It is the citric acid in them that makes your tongue smart. They were recently
banned from a middle school, to find out why kids like them learn more here.
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I'm assuming these are the same in the US as they are in the UK (small candy shells filled with chocolate, like a smaller version of M&Ms) ?. I can't eat them any more as I have diabetes, but as a youngster I ate loads of them. Can't say I ever had a problem with them cutting my tongue though.
I have a friend who's now 52 but STILL collects the plastic tops from the tubes, which have letters of the alphabet embossed on them !
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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No, not like that, they are little candies that are solid, and are tangy or a little sour, and when they soften up, they rub on your tongue and make your tongue sore. Lol
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I haven't eaten any Smarties recently. But I never had any trouble like that when I was a child, and they were one of my favourite sweeties. Maybe they have changed the recipe recently. Come to think of it, though, I do have an awful lot of fillings in my teeth. Hmmm!
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Okay after looking at several sites ,some sites say it is the acid from the citrus tart taste in the candy and other sites say it could be hormones causing the tongue to be more sensitive to tart tastes. Then I went on some medical sites and they went on to say it could even point to a reaction with a illness or dental work or existing dental/gum/oral problem...I even found one blogger that said their tongue was bleeding after eating skittles sour depending on your tolerance for sour food/candy I guess the severity of your reaction to sour/tart candies would depend on a lot of article I read even talked about micro cuts on the tongue from eating other foods having a affect on how you react to sour foods/ take your pick personally I think the lord gave you a sense/sour tastebuds to protect you from eating poisonous foods/herbs/plants....
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Mitchel's Hearts Candie!
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I know, right!? I LOVE Smarties! But, there is that with the sore tongue. Got to tell you though, never made me stop eating them! That's one of the few "hard" candies I like outside of chocolate.
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I love smarties. They rock. But my tongue never hurts after I eat them. Well not that I know of. I've never really thought about it. I'll keep you informed though
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I love Smarties soooooo much, but they have never made my tongue sore. I wonder if it is just some people that that happens to, but maybe it is one of the acids in it. I just guessing.

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