How To Remove Pimples And Dark Spots From The Face ? (any Homemade )


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Pimples and dark spots are one of the major culprits in causing people to have a sense of low esteem among peers.  These spots can certainly put anyone through agony, and below are ways of removing them using simple homemade remedies.

Steps in removing pimples and dark spots

Wash your face using warm water, as this will help open up your skin pores

Use a gentle facial soap to wash your face, and rinse using cold water.  Cold water is necessary to close up the pores again.

Apply aloe gel to your skin daily after you wash, and do this at least twice a day. Aloe gel contains vitamins and antioxidants required for the good health of your skin.

You can also slice a lemon and rub it gently onto your face daily.  Doing this as well as adding honey will help loosen those dark spots and get rid of your pimples.

When washing your face, try as much to use gentle cleaners and other mild soaps as stronger soaps have the tendency to leave your face dry and deprived of all its nutrients.

Drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables.  These will keep your skin well hydrated and looking fresh.

Avoid staying long hours in the sun, in addition to causing cancer the sun’s rays may contribute to  free radical activity in your skin which will result in pimples.

Avoid squeezing pimples and whiteheads.  Doing this may cause an infection to occur.

Following these steps will help you naturally remove dark spots and pimples.
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To get rid of pimples, you can use home remedies such as face wash. Make sure to wash a few times a day on the spot where you want to reduce pimples. Other alternatives are to get an over the counter skin care product which is clinically proven to reduce pimples and dark spots. Research a product that is best for you and talk to a dermatologist before using in case there are any dangers you are not aware of.
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Pimples are formed because of the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. The secretion is most copious on the face. The face also happens to be the most exposed part of the body to the elements. Most cases of pimples are due to the combination of sebum and dirt. The dirt settles in the pores and clogs the sebaceous glands. This results in a pimple.

The best way to take care of this is to wash your face regularly with water. Use a good face wash at least two times a day for dry skin and three times a day for oily skin. Use exfoliating agents to rid the face of dead cells. But take care not to overuse face washes because they will dry out the skin. This irritates the sebaceous glands and they will go into overdrive in sebum production. Drink a lot of water as it cleanses the system by flushing out various agents that harm the skin.
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I have clear skin although there's those days where my face will explode with pimples and when that happens I turn to dove because their products are super natural and leave skin healthy soft and smooth plus their product are not that expensive you can get them from any drugstore
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Here's just a tip. I am always using eggwhites whenever I have pimples. All you have to do is separate eggwhites from eggyolk and then apply it thoroughly to your face then massage it. You could do it before you sleep and just wait for about 3-5 minutes. Yeah! It's a bit messy but it really does work. Good luck! (^_^)
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Well, you could use a face wash that helps for black heads and they don't cost much and you could buy them at the supermarket OR pore strips also at the supermarket. You strip them off your skin and the blackheads rip right off with them. And if you don't mind paying more, I'm sure they have skin clinics that could help you there. Hope it helps.

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Dark spots and dark circles are common problems among people these days, causes of dark spots can vary, more often than not, pigmentation is the root of the problem, regular use of Melblok's product helps restore skin’s lost Brightness and remove Pimples and dark spots from face.

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First of all you have two separate issues. One is acne and the other sounds like acne scars or hyper pigmentation. Apply a paste made of nutmeg powder and raw milk on pimples and wash it off after 20 minutes. Do it for about 10-15 days to see the difference. Here you came to know that How to get rid of pimples? There are also various home remedies for acne to get rid of pimples or acne instantly.

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Essentially, when you squeeze a pimple, it's causing the skin to bruise, that's where the dark spot comes from. When a pimple comes to a head, it's recommended that you take a hot cloth to the pimple, keep it there for a minute or two, then quickly apply a cold cloth, and this is supposed to make the pimple come out without the bruising of the skin.
Some people have said to use a needle to open the head of the pimple. This is not a wise thing to do. There is an infection out there that is resistant to antibiotics and penicillin, it's most commonly known as MSRA, and it is generally caused by germs that get into the blood stream, many people who contract this disease, die from it.
There is a chance that if the needle used to get rid of a pimple may contain the proper bacteria to cause MSRA to occur in your system, so don't take that chance, please try the hot and cold method first, and if all else fails, then go to the make up aisle in the store, and get a color that will conceal the bruise. Hope this helps.
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You may have a hard time believing this, but I used to use every sort of pimple cream there was, yup, nothing worked and sometimes made it worse. One fella came into my store, and said he was spending a forturne on creams. Gosh, I myself even got a prescription as I heard it helped get rid of pimples, to no avail. Here is my secret, and he did it, and came back a week later and thanked me and was totally cleared up. Do not use anything on your face. Nada. No soap, no moisturizer, no creams, if you wear makeup, use just minimal, and rinse with water at night and make sure you have a towel that no one else shares. Just a splash of warm water in the morning and wipe dry. Nothing else. If you live in an area where it is dry, or you have dry winters due to snow, once a week, rub a dab of petroleum jelly, and wash off right away with hot water, but only once a week. Trust me, it will work
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From what I have read online, a method to reduce acne and pimples is making sure the skin stays clean. Make sure you wash numerous times throughout the day. It is essential to wash the pimpled spots to make them go away.

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