What Are The Importance Of T.L.E. In Our Daily Life?


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T.L.E. Affects numerous people in their everyday lives and can have a significant effect on how they live them.

T.L.E. Stands for Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and can affect people's moods and behavioral patterns. You can also suffer from painful seizures but this is in some way linked to different mood patterns taking place in the brain.

Some other symptoms for those people who may be diagnosed with T.L.E. Includes experiencing bouts rage and suffering from psychotic related illnesses and manic depression.

This can be very embarrassing in everyday situations because there are numerous risks that the sufferer will cause, for example, creating a destructive scene and flipping out suddenly for no apparent reason due to a seizure.

If you know someone who is showing signs of these symptoms then it is essential you ask them to seek medical advice with immediate effect.

People who have T.L.E. Have no choice but to manage their condition on a daily basis as it can alter at any given moment. It can also be very difficult when faced with a social situation because if you do undergo a seizure there is no sign regarding how you will react.

T.L.E. Is on the whole extremely predictable and has to be managed according to the situation that people are faced with. It can be dangerous that you could be talking with friends one minute and the next minute hurling a chair or glass across the room.

You will be also quite sensitive to a number of comments no matter how subtle and this could trigger an episode which might make you depressed and a spinning out of control.

There are some consultants who will often diagnose Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as bipolar disorder which is not the same and may require further investigations and tests.
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There are a lot of different meanings for TLE - you can see a list here - so you may need to ask again giving the full term. However, at a guess you may mean the learning equation. In that case you can find a full overview here - otherwise, please ask again and I'm sure someone will be able to help you.

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