How Many Pain Pills To Kill You?


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Do you really think they would want you to throw your life away? If they have both passed on then you are their legacy, go do something good to help others! Seek spiritual enlightenment just start by praying because someone is listening! 

I've been in the same room as someone trying to kill themselves with pills and they went through some serious agony before they finally decided to stop being selfish and throw them up. He probably damaged his liver so don't even attempt it. Just breathe, and keep breathing. God is Love and He loves you!

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Don't YOU DARE KILL YOURSELF. Don't you know that your important and you are worthy of a good life. You were created for a purpose in this life. Don't even think about it. Suicide is a sin against God and a direct path ot hell. .I say this because God is real and I have been to heaven based on my near death experiences. Heaven is beautiful and the Lord is so powerful. God Bless you and don't do it.
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0 pills it is a selfish act and you should think about those around you who will have to deal with it for the rest of their life how is that fair to them

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