What Is A Social Case Work?


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Social case work is an environment in which we may observe two things; problem and client. Both of the regions are interdependent. They have a direct effect upon one another. They have a direct link with one another as well. They are supposed to be effected by a number of other factors. This can be observed by taking an example of a person who is under social pressure where he has developed a social case. This case is his whole life and its activities.

This can be further elucidated by clarifying his problems and issues. He is under a psychological pressure. This can be resolved by the help of knowing his problem and then giving him solutions. Those solutions must be applicable in proper time frame. Those solutions must give him relief from whatever he is facing. His relaxation and tension free life is dependent upon the solution of those issues all in all. These two areas are working with one another in this example. We may ponder upon it to clarify the concept of social case.
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Social Work is the name of a complete degree in many institutions. A Social worker can work for government, semi government institutions and for non-government charitable organizations. A social worker works for society to eradicate all the social problems (drugs, child trafficking, abuse, sexual harassment etc) of the people. Social worker works in different institutions for different purposes like for the disadvantaged people to give them the basic rights in the society, works for awareness of the people, looks after that every child is getting early childhood education, fights for child rights, provides counseling to the distressed, make the case histories of the abandoned children and guide them to lead a healthy life. A social worker works in the hospitals to develop some plans for the treatment, guide them in getting admissions in the hospital, assists poor people to get free treatment from the government, asses their mental and physical health. In some countries, the professionals are given license to practice in the community and only those who have the license can give services. Modern Social Work introduces new methods for giving services to the community. Social Case Work is one of those methods. In Social Case Work the worker addresses the problems of neglected children, handicapped, physically or mentally retarded people, drug and alcoholic addicts, Foster Care for hapless children, camel jockey children and many more fields.

Take example of Social Case worker who works for a charitable organization, where children without parental care are provided with residence and education. Some of the main responsibilities include making case histories of the children, sort out the mental problems and guide the mothers in the residences for the remedy. Assess emotional problems of the children and then provide them counseling and give possible therapy for its treatment, help them building their confidence, manage their anger etc.
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We humans find expression to our deepest concerns by addressing those of others. Some even make a vocation out of this and this is referred to as social service. It involves making yourself and personal time available to spread awareness about a particular issue, addressing a particular behaviour pattern and even participating within the paradigms of the law to ensure punitive action against an injustice.

Organized social case work is intended to improve the quality of life of a community and address the disadvantaged. This is done by psychological counselling, guidance and assistance. Social case workers are a valuable resource for the development of treatment plans and facilitating referrals. Under the guidelines and support of the government and non-government public organizations and institutions, social case workers provide behavioral and social assessments of the target community too. Social case work involves working as community planners or organizers and taking up the responsibility of engaging individuals or entire communities to address social problems. The problems may also include increase in drug abuse or teen pregnancy. Social case work is a distinct profession and requires institutional training. Many states license social case workers, and in those states only those with the licenses have the right to legally address social issues and provide social work services.
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