If A Person Cries A Lot And A Lot Of Times She Doesn't Know Why, She's Always Tired And She Has Less Patience With People Around Her, Would This Person Be Depressed Or Is There Something Else Going On?


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I think I'll try to give this a shot, as I too am a woman who cries a lot. For me it has a lot to do with not being able to express what I am feeling in the moment that I'm feeling it. Journaling does really help.

I am unable to process what I am feeling until I take time to think about it. It is difficult to take the time to think through my problems while I am in the midst of them. Crying for me is a form of stress relief, and it really does make me feel better, but it definitely puts people off. I once heard someone say, "There is motion in emotion. It wants to get out." There is always something I am reacting to, but I don't always know exactly what it is. A journal is a great idea, so is therapy, so is a good friend who she cares, like you and can trust enough to try and explain what's happening with her. Be patient, she might not fully understand it herself. It's a process. Just keep coming back.

I have always been easily brought to tears. For example, a movie or a book can bring me to tears. In this sense crying is a cathartic release. Though, there are times when people run into me, that they think I seem sad, when I don't think I'm sad. There is sadness in me that exist under the surface. I am used to it, and I don't think of it as sadness anymore. I'm struck by the idea that if I can keep up with doing things that get me where I want to be in life, I'll feel better. I have goals that I care about. I am studying to be an Elementary school teacher. I think that if I can help children learn and feel comfortable in their skin it will be a rewarding experience for me. I am studying a lot of theory, and writing papers. I try to celebrate my successes, and be kind to myself in my failures and the events that life hands me that I can't control. I feel better when people show me they care about me. It's hard to be motivated to take care ourselves sometimes, and sometimes we want someone else to pitch in and help with our care, but taking a back seat to us, giving us the help we want so that we can feel that we are in control of our lives a bit.

This woman is lucky to have you in her life. It might be worthwhile to ask her why she cries a lot and see if you can get her to explain what brings her to tears. This may be difficult because it may get frustrating for you as you may want to solve her problems. You may have solutions, but give her the reigns. Gently suggest. It seems to me that by doing things for other people your friend my literally be crying for help. Perhaps she's disorganized and you can help her clean, or she has an interest she hasn't pursued in a while and you can suggest that you two do that together. Maybe the fact that her husband is controlling is bothering her. The trick is, I'd say find out what she wants and isn't doing. Let her know that it's possible, whatever it is and then help her achieve her goal. Help her find a way to have more of what she wants. See if she'll let you help her with just one goal. Tell her that you really want to help her, that you would feel good to help her, just as she feels good helping others. Don't disappear. If you do this the process will be empowering to both of you, and your friend just might feel a little happier. Best of luck!
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HI Littleone,

I have my wife with same problem. She cries a lot and she dont know what is bothering her but she always tells me that she is worrying by some thing. She hates her relatives, she cant face critics, she is very sensitive. She dont want to go alone any where without accompanying me. She says she cant face people because she dont have confidence. She is not intrested in any thing, she dont want to read, she dont want watch movies. Could you please help me to find a solution for this.
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This sounds very much like depression. It is very hard to help somebody out of depression. You can perhaps buy her a journal for her to write all the things she needs to talk about and give her a new perspective on her own life. Helping others as you say she does can be very fulfilling, however she does need to help herself too. Taking time out for herself will help out a lot. Perhaps you can take her away for a weekend to let her be pampered for a bit. There are medications that can help with depression, does she have a doctor she can go to to get a prescription.
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I don't know which country or culture you are living in Carole, but in UK or Europe, a man who does not allow his wife to have a life outside of the home is considered to be abusing his partner. No wonder she cries.
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Usually crying is a common habit among women. They start crying even on minor things and problems. You can say this habit of crying is related to women. Your question that if a person cries a lot of time and she does not know why, she is always tired and she has less patience with people around her, would this person be depressed or is there something else going on can be explained as follows.

As I told you earlier that crying is a common habit in women but as far your question is concerned the girl, which you have mentioned seems to have some problem with the people in her house. They may be her close relatives like father, mother, brother, sister and she is very much annoyed with them due to some personal reasons. I think she wants to get married to such a person whom her close relatives do not like and they are not agreed for this marriage. In retaliation I think she cries and loses her patience because she cannot express her true feelings. I think if the true reason is explored and treated in a sensible way, this problem will be solved.
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I believe that this woman is somewhat depressed. Her husband needs to be more supportive and let her explore the real world. Her friends need to ignore her about her wanting space, they need to be there for her.
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I think that may be that girl is depprived of love and attention. And crying a lot can be a reason to seek attention

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