What Are The Disadvantages Of Smoking?


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Smoking is very harmful and injurious to human health. The smoke contains chemicals and gases. Dried tobacco leaves are used in cigarettes. The tobacco on burning produce a number of dangerous and toxic compounds like nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, carcinogens, and various irritants. There are many disease produced by smoking like; bronchitis and lungs cancer.

The smoking can produce inflammation of the respiratory or air passage like trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles. This disease is called bronchitis. The attack of the disease is sudden and short lived but in chronic bronchitis, the attack is more frequent and of a long spell. The symptoms might include:

The air passage gets narrow that results difficulty in breathing. The chronic bronchitis can be fatal also. The cigarette smoke damages the ciliated epithelium due to which foreign particles instead of being trapped and eliminated can go to the lungs and produce infection etc. the mucus is also secreted in greater quantity which can block the air passages and leads to repeated and continuous coughing. This is known as smoking cough as it is the result of smoking. Lungs are affected by smoking and damage them badly. A person habitual of smoking might suffer from lung cancer.
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By smoking we usually mean smoking of tobacco. There are many people who are addicted to the smoking of opium and other intoxicating drugs. Tobacco was first brought from America to Europe. The habit of smoking prevails in every part of the world. Most eminent doctors of the world have expressed their opinion about its bad effects yet the fashion continues. Smoking undoubtedly invigorates one's nervous system after physical and mental exhaustion but it's after effects are really alarming. The smoke contains very small particles of nicotine which is a deadly poison. By breathing the poisonous smoke, we injure our health.

The smoke affects the wind pipe and the lungs. The throat and lung disease are therefore caused. It is the basic cause of lung cancer. The smokers suffer from colds and cough. Smokers get bad and dirty teeth which cause other diseases. Tobacco causes bad breath in the mouth. Eye sight and digestion are damaged. There is loss of vitality, memory becomes dead. Dead smokers get heart trouble, it is unquestionably a luxury it is a waste of money. The first or five days will prove to be very hard for the smokers but the difficulty will gradually diminish.
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The constituents of tobacco smoke are chemically dynamic. They can start striking and deadly changes in the body. There are more than 4,000 chemicals, which can be harmful to the smoker's body. They contain:

-- tar
-- carbon monoxide
-- nitrogen oxides
--hydrogen cyanide
--metals, ammonia

Scientists and doctors identify so much more about the ill effects of smoking now than ever before. They know smoking causes instant effects on the smoker's body. It narrows the airways. It increases the smoker's heart beat. It raises the smoker's blood pressure. The carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke removes the tissues of the smoker's body of much-needed oxygen. All of these are risky and instant effects.

There are many more severe long-term effects as well. Smoked tobacco in the types of cigarettes, pipes, and cigars causes lung cancers, emphysema, and other diseases related to respiratory system. In fact, smoking is the major reason behind ninety percent of all lung cancer cases. This disease is hardly ever seen in non-smokers. Smokers are also no less than four times more expected to build up oral and laryngeal cancer than the nonsmokers.

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Why smokers are more likely to have heart attacks than non smokers
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Smoking is one of the worst vices and is said to be the 2nd biggest cause of death, after AIDS, in the world. It is one of the most expensive habits and has a tremendous influence on ones body, mind and thought processes. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances and creates an instant dependency leaving its victims frustrated in its absence. It is known to be the cause of cancer of the lungs, the mouth etc in the body. It decreases the oxygen supply as well as the flow of blood to the various parts of the body and also reduced the thickness of the arteries that are pumping blood in and out of the heart. It also affects bone strength and is said to be a major reason for infertility.
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It not only cause cancer   to those who smoke but also side people who smell it

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