How Do Crabs Look?


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It is presumed that you are meaning crabs as in the pubic lice version - and not the coastal creature, as crabs, the creature, obviously use their eyes to see like most animals.

The pubic lice version are very small but can still be visible by the naked eye on close inspection.

You can view several photographs of crabs (public lice) at the following addresses:

If someone suspects they may well have pubic lice then it is very important they get it checked out as soon as possible. Heading to the doctors is the best way of getting seen quickly or a sexual health clinic would be another option.

Pubic lice can be treated and it is important to sort it out to stop it spreading to any future sexual partners.

The main symptoms of crabs (public lice) are:

  • Itching in the area they are present (usually the pubic region)
  • Brown eggs laid in the pubic hair
  • Sky-blue dots and small traces of blood
  • Black droppings in pubic region
Pubic lice will not go away unless they are treated with the correct medication. Therefore as stated earlier, a suffer must go to the doctors or sexual health clinic to be prescribed the correct medication and start the process of getting rid of the lice.

It is also important for a suspected sufferer to inform any recent sexual partners that they may also want to get checked out for pubic lice. This way they can get it treated straight away which in turn will stop them spreading them to any future sexual partners.

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