Briefly Describe The Personality And Stress.


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There will be no exaggeration in this statement if we say that personality and stress are two different concepts. There is a unfathomable connection between "personality and stress". In the present world these two concepts have attained a very important role. Stress plays a very important role in every day life of an individual and is present in one form or another. Stress affects the personality as well as the performance of a person. If we understand the relation between stress and the personality, how they affect each other we will be able to channalize and manage stress in a better way.

Stress won't affect individual's personality in a negative way. Due to the relationship between personality and stress you come to know that how personality affects the stress and how stress affects the personality, how it affects your work, your relationship with other people, personal life, peace of mind, are influenced. If you will understand this dynamic relationship you will lead a successful life. You will be able to perform better and would receive appreciation and should give a boost to your self esteem, by dynamic, it is meant that personality affects stress and stress affects personality.

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