Why Do Some People Get Addicted To Things Easier Than Others?


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I would agree with the statement about mental health. A lot of addicts will use drugs or alcohol as a coping skill....
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Every single person is different and therefore some people have no desire to gamble, whilst others absolutely love it. Some people are addicted to their mobile phones, whilst others cannot stand them. It is thought that every single person will become addicted to something throughout their lifetime, but what that is exactly depends upon what the person likes.

Women are just as likely to get addicted to things as men are. You can get addicted to the Internet, online or offline gaming, mobile phones, gambling, drugs and alcohol. The last three named are the things which you really have to worry about. People who are depressed are more likely to turn to alcohol and therefore their addiction could start due to the state of their mental health.

Overall, addictions are started by anybody. Certain factors such as emotional problems can affect the degree of addiction, but sometimes you can just as easy get addicted to something you enjoy. Nobody is ruled out and everybody is thought to have one addiction to something in their lifetime.
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Addiction is an weakness within each person. Because once a person likes a thing or an object, he gets addicted. If it is not good, the life will be spoiled.

To overcome this addiction you need to have control over yourself and most importantly determination
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Wrong Wrong Wrong,The only way to stop using the thing you are addicted is to recognize that you are powerless over it anf seek help. possibly a 12 step program which has been proven to be very effective, people who are addicts will tell you this , how could you possibly control something you are addicted to ?
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I heard it was because of a certain gene...
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Specifically in regards to opiates, alcohol and nicotine, in many cases a receptor has been found to be present in people who easily fall into addiction that is not present in other people; the mu3 opioid receptor.
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It is all due to the stimulation that the things provide for them and make them want to try some more, longer enough to get into some sort of addiction.
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I used Oxycontin for a year and I was told I was on a one way trip to hell. Once I started to see how it was effecting me I stopped immediately (No, I am not the messiah I just don't have a 'serious' addiction problem) . I was given Subutex to help my cravings, and it was good. I asked the doctor the other day "how come benzodiazepines DO NOT work on me!" he looked at me and said "well this is good... People who use benzodiazepines wonder how people can get hooked on opiates. The answer to your questions is genetics."
I wonder why when I drink I feel a buzz for ten minutes then get sick. I wonder why anti-depressants make my brain go hay wire, why marijuana makes me want to fight, why mickey finn's famous knock out drops (chloral hydrate) failed to put me to sleep; they actually make it so I don't sleep. I have no alcoholics in my family- no opiate fiends- no drug abusers that haven't seen the light of day.

Based on my family history and myself I would have to say a lot of it is genetics... Information passed down in your family tree.

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