How Can I Shiver And Sweat At The Same Time?


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Shivering and sweating at the same time is usually associated with fever.

The reason it happens is because, when you're ill, your body changes it's 'set' temperature in order to fight off the infection that is attacking your body.

Sweating and shivering at the same time

In my opinion, there's nothing worse than feeling feverish. One minute you're sweating buckets, the next minute your teeth are chattering - it can all get a bit confusing.

The reason your body sweats and shivers at the same time during a fever is because these are signs that you are changing your internal body temperature. Basically, what happens is that a part of your brain (called the hypothalamus) is affected by the virus that is acting your body.

How your brain controls chills and sweats during a fever

The hypothalamus is usually responsible for setting the body's temperature. It does this by measuring the temperature of your blood, and compares it to the natural 'set temperature' your body should be.

When you get sick, your body fights the infection and tells the hypothalamus to raise the set temperature. This will make your body feel as if it is not warm enough - so to warm itself up, it'll start shivering.

Once a fever breaks, your body may decide to lower the set temperature. This will make you feel too hot, and you'll start sweating.

Your body can go through this cycle a number of times before it gets rid of the infection.
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Fever does not come and go. The reason you shiver and sweat at the same time, is because your hypothalamus is affected by the white blood cells during and infection. It then creates a new "set point".

The set point is the ideal body temperature. The fever brings down the set point, giving the body the impression it is cold, and therefore shivers.

Once the fever "breaks", the set point is re-set, so you actually feel hot again, and start to sweat.

In effect, you feel coldest when you are the hottest, and hottest when you feel the coldest.
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Could be a fever or a low grade temp like the flu or a cold or something of the sort.
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The sweating caused by the fever makes you feel cool so you throw blankets on yourself which heats you up again. You remove blankets and start to feel cool again.
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When you have the flu you can shiver and sweat at the same time. Your body is fighting infection and you have fever.

Fever is good- it fights infection, then you sweat.

Your body gets cold from being wet (from when you were sweating) leaving you cold and shivering.

Then if the fever comes back you start the process again, sweat and shiver and so on.

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