How Do Humans Get Strep C From Animals?


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Strep C (also known as C Group Streptococci or CGS) can be passed from animals to humans in two ways:

  • aerosol transmission
  • contact with an open wound
Animals infecting humans with Strep C
Strep C infection in humans is extremely rare (one medical source quotes that 0.5% of strep cases are related to the group C variant of the bacteria).

The pathogen is most commonly found in animals, and poses little risk to humans.

However, close proximity to an infected animal could potentially cause Strep C infection. The bacterial spores can be transmitted through open wounds, ulcers, and grazes.

Aerobic transmission is less common, but isn't impossible.

Most humans who catch Strep C will experience relatively mild symptoms (throat, ear, or eye infection). There are very few cases of Strep C that lead to more serious conditions like meningitis or septicemia.
If you are concerned that you may have been infected with the Strep C bacteria, I'd recommend you visit your hospital's ER (or A&E) at once.

Make sure to ask that your throat culture is tested for all forms of Strep infection - most routine hospital examinations won't consider the group C and G strains, unless the illness persists even after symptomatic treatment.
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Strep C can occur in humans with or without symptoms. It is a bacteria carried by animals and can just be passed by contact with the animal.

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