How Can Eczema Be Managed?


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Reason for eczema is over-reactive immune system. Balancing the immune system is the essential component of effective treatment. I have found the remedies that do just that. SerenaSkin eczema remedies include ointment and spray for the topical application, and eczema extract for balancing the immune system. This treatment cleared my skin in less than a week, and without harmful  side effects of steroids.
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There is currently no known cure for eczema ~ you can only take care of your skin and treat the symptoms when they are very bad. Many people with eczema are given anti-inflammatory creams containing small amounts of steroids. These damp down the inflammation in the skin and reduce the itching and redness. However, they cannot be used for long periods ~ not more than a few days at a time, if the dose of steroid in the cream is high. Long-term use can damage the structure of the skin, causing it to thin.

The best strategy is to use a good regime of washing with products made specially for sensitive skin so that the condition is not made worse by exposure to irritants such as perfumes. Towels should be kept very clean and the skin dried thoroughly after washing. Particular care should be given to folds and creases in the skin.

After washing and drying, it is a good idea to moisturise the skin, again with a cream that is made for sensitive skins. If the condition flares up, anti-inflammatory creams can then be used until the worst is over, then the usual skin routine should be resumed.
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It is a perfect idea to go to your cosmetics stores and buy moisturizers to soften and rehydrate your very own skin.  You should also drink lots of water and eat more vitamins.

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