What Happens At AA Meetings?


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Alcoholics Anonymous groups vary somewhat in their procedures, but generally alcoholics talk about what drinking did to their lives, and what they are doing now to stay off drink. One common procedure is to start by welcoming any new members and giving them some basic information about how that group operates.

There may be some specific event of theme, whatever day to day business the group needs to deal with and meetings may end with the serenity prayer. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." The one thing that happens in most meetings is that people share their experiences with alcoholism, their previous difficulties and their current experiences. Negative responses are not allowed and people speak only if they wish to, without pressure. The meetings provide an opportunity to be heard, supported and understood by people facing a common problem.
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AA meetings are held throughout the world in two main forms, these are open or closed meetings. At an open meeting, families or friends of alcoholics may attend, at closed meetings the only people who can attend are alcoholics.
Anonymity is the key to AA meetings and people who are alcoholics will come together to share experiences and try to help and support each other in remaining sober and living without alcohol. Only first names are used.
Alcoholic Anonymous have a 12 step programme, which is central to all branches, but often the structure varies according to each particular group. People attending the closed meetings will talk about their relationship with alcohol or what made them drink, what makes them want to drink and how they are managing their sobriety. All people attending are actively discouraged from judging or condemning and encouraged to simply accept and support.
Open meetings often have a guest speaker with the subject still relating to alcoholism.
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I would like to go, but I will need to go between job sites. How long does a meeting take

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