How Can I Deal With Central Centrifugal Scarring Alopecia?


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I have learned a lot since I was diagnosed with alopecia.  I had a biopsy taken about a year ago, it is extremely hereditary in my family.  I started getting steroid shots in my head and my hair starting growing back, I was also using the rogaine for women and the steroid foam that I received from my doctor.  Rogaine promotes facial hair which sucks but your can't have it all.  I continued the treatments and my hair grew back but the minute I relaxed it. It broke off again. I was going to attempt a kids relaxer like just for me but I am 10 weeks without a perm and I am lucky my hair is growing back. Alopecia involves inflammation directed at the upper part of the hair follicle where the stem cells and sebaceous gland (oil gland) are located. If the stem cells and sebaceous glands are destroyed, there is then no possibility for regeneration of the hair follicle, and permanent hair loss results.  So eventually the chemicals may one day do permanent damage.  This type of alopecia is prevelant in african american women because of the chemicals we use.  I am also taking hair vitamins called hairfinity that increase the growth of my hair.  I will not be relaxing my hair again.  I am wearing a wig and take it from a person that hates wigs.  I am going to eventually wear my hair natural.  I am looking forward to it growing.  I am currently in search of a good shampoo and conditioner because moisture is important and sulfates are not safe for your hair because it promotes the drying of your hair. Good luck ladies
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I also have the same issue, and I was told to stop perming. No more perms for me and I take care of the hair I do have. I wash with shampoo once a month and co wash (just w/ conditioner) every week.  Braids are not good for thinning hair and scarring alopecia . I do flat twist myself and then I put a wig on.
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You have to inject yourself in the effected area by antiflamatory injections.You should daily use it followed by some ointment and steroid treatment.
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I'd stop relaxing your hair if I were you. It will continue to get worse. Just braid your hair or start weaving.
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I agree to stop perming but however be careful and cautious of braiding and weaving the pulling and tension can be worse I have just been diagnosed with the same problem I am going natural
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I have the same condition and I would not braid my hair if I were you. Go to and of those sites have great tips for transitioning from relaxers to natural without further damage to your scalp or hair.

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