How Do I Prevent Excessive Saliva From Coming From The Mouth?


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Lately I have been having excessive saliva which is causing me problems especially when I lie down to sleep. It keeps coming up everytime sometimes even causing to cough a dry cough which prevents me from sleeping. I ave had no implants or dentures. My doctor said that it is caused by sinus by presently I  am not suffering from any sinus attacks. Can you please help? Thanks.
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You might be drinking excessive amount of water. The amount of saliva is totally dependent upon the amount of water in the body. The less you drink water , lesser the amount of saliva coming from the mouth .

Alcohol also causes excessive saliva.
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In order to stop it, one must know why it started. That can be caused by a particular medication one is taking, a saliva gland problem, certain diseases (Parkinson's is one), inflammation of the mucus membranes, nasal obstructions, GERD -- here's a great link from Mayo Clinic covering the topic. Hope it helps:

If this is YOU and it continues, you should probably see your doctor. It's important to know if you have "excess production" or if you are having difficulty swallowing.

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