When I Squeeze My Nipples Sometimes A Clear Or Milky Liquid Comes Out. What Could This Mean?


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Is there any chance that you could be pregnant? If you are then this is perfectly normal and your body's way of getting ready for the arrival of your baby. If you are not pregnant, then the best thing to do would be to see your doctor to find out what is causing this. It may be something really minor and nothing to worry about, but whatever it is you need to get it checked so that any treatment can be started sooner rather later.

Before you go to the doctor's think about anything else that you may have experienced lately that is different to the norm, even if it doesn't seem to be connected. For example, have you been suffering from really bad headaches lately? You may think that this has no bearing on what you have described but they can be connected and will help your doctor come to a faster diagnosis.

It could something as simple as a new medication that you have recently started to take, particularly if it has hormones in it like the contraceptive pill, or hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Even though it can be frightening, you really should see a physician; any changes in the breast need to be examined so that cancer can be ruled out. This doesn't just mean the symptom that you have described but any changes whatsoever, even if it is something like a change in skin texture.

You may be sent for a mammogram, which is not a painful procedure and only takes a few minutes. Once this test has been assessed by the radiographer and a doctor, it will be decided whether further tests are necessary. Hopefully, they won't be, but you really need to know so that any treatment has a better chance of being successful.
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This is normal to have clear fluid from the breast. These fluids don't indicate pregnancy but they are produced to keep the ducts of the breast open. The ducts of the breast can be blocked and our body tries to keep it opened by secreting such colorless fluids.
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Milky fluid is not normal at any stage of menstrual cycle except during nursing periods. Only clear discharge is normal which is produced to keep the ducts of breasts opened. Milky discharge can be due to high levels of a hormone which is responsible for milk production. This hormone can be high due to pregnancy, stress, lactation and tumors in the pituitary glands. So, you should get advice from the doctor by paying a visit.
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Are you pregnant? It could be a fluid called colostrum which is what the baby will eat for the first few days before actual milk starts coming out. Sometimes it leaks during pregnancy; it can be a little or a lot, or none.
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A colorless fluid which comes from the nipples on squeezing the breast is normal because it is produced to keep the milk ducts open. You should not worry about this. If this fluid is milk like then it is not normal. This can be due to increased levels of prolactin which is a hormone. If this is a condition then visit a doctor and get treatment by prolactin inhibitors.
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Yes this is not uncommon. Due to a hormone imbalance during puberty it is common for fluid
or milk to leak at this time. This happens frequently to boys also. It is nothing to worry about.
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Some women do notice a discharge from their nipples. It is normal and healthy - it's the body's way of keeping the nipple ducts open. It even happens to some guys.

The discharge may look like very thin milk, or it may be clear or light green, greyish or light yellow.

Women who take birth control pills may have this discharge. It can happen during sexual arousal and at certain times in the menstrual cycle.

It is important to keep nipples clean by washing with warm water and soap so the discharge won't dry and build up.

If the discharge changes, has pus or blood in it, or if it is brownish in color, visit your clinician - this change may be a symptom of an infection.
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If this liquid is colorless then no need to worry because this secretion is produced to keep the ducts of breast open. If you are having milk like secretions and also having cycle irregularities then your problem can be due to high levels of prolactin which is a hormone. After delivery of the baby, this hormone is produced in high quantities leading to milk production. In non pregnant ladies, tumors in anterior pituitary gland can cause this problem. You should discuss this problem with your doctor.
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My breast and nipples are sore. When I squeeze my nipples clear liquid comes out can anybody tell me what could that me is there a possibility that I can be pregnant.
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Clear liquid from the breast can be considered as normal if it is occasional and without pain and inflammation. A woman can have clear discharge from breast on many stage of life but not as regular feature. Scientifically, this clear discharge does not indicate pregnancy. This off and on secretion of clear liquid from breast is body response to keep the ducts of breast opened. If you also have pain and inflammation along with discharge or if the discharge is milky then visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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If this liquid is clear and watery then no need to worry. Because this liquid is produced by the breast tissues in order to keep the ducts of the breasts open. This is normal and not a disease. If discharge is milky or bloody then it is not good and requires doctor visit. If there is pain in the breast along with some lumps inside then also visit a doctor. Otherwise, no need to worry.
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What if my period is near and my breasts hurt and there is a milky fluid but it's only little
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Are you possibly pregnant? If not your hormones can play a big role in this. Some women do experience this and it's normal. But if they are enlarged and painful, you may want to do a pregnancy test if you had sex 7-10 days after your last period. If it gets worse call your GYN and see if they need to check you for any other underlying causes.
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This could mean several things, number one you may want to take a pregnancy test my dear! This could mean you're lactating if you are pregnant, but it's completely normal. If you turn out not to be pregnant, or you're not a female;}, you should see a doctor. Females please get a mammogram from your doctor as this could be a sign of something serious, but it could also be completely benign.

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