Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide As An Eye Wash?


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OK Lets just say that would in all reality a bad idea. As it may damage or destroy your lens. In the event that this should happen It could turn into a severe infection that may lead to blindness. So to answer your question directly; NO you absolutely shouldn't!!! Now if you have an ocular emergency then you should rinse your eye(s) for fifteen minutes with cool running water. (IN THE EVENT YOU HAVE GOTTEN A CHEMICAL OR FOREIGN FLUID (ANY LIQUID OTHER THAN WATER) IN YOUR EYE OR ANY OBJECT THAT IS NOT REMOVED BY FLUSHING WITH WATER YOU SHOULD SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT IMMEDIATELY AFTER FLUSHING YOUR EYE(S)!!! In the event that you are able to remove the foreign material or if your liquid is not of a chemical nature and, you feel as though your eye is dried out afterward you should administer some type of eye drop to soothe your eye.
Chemical can be citrus fruit juice, battery acid, house hold cleaners, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap(s), laundry cleaning agents, any solvent, paint, many "green" cleaning agents, etc.
If at all possible READ THE LABEL to find out if the article that you are using poses any threat to your eyes before you use it. If you find yourself not able to do that please call 911 or your local emergency response dispatcher or seek medical treatment immediately.
Always know what you are using so in the event of an accident or an emergency you can pass that information to those who would need it!
Best of luck to you
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Be my guest. Not advisable for your sight though.
You're thinking of ear wash, where is fizzes and clears out wax. Don't think you should go pouring the stuff from the chemistry lab in there though.

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