Why Are My Hands Turning Blue?


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There are quite a few things that can cause your hands to turn blue – some of them can be pretty serious, though, so I’d definitely suggest seeing your doctor if you’re not sure.

What Can Cause Blue Hands?
  • Lack of oxygen in the blood
  • Poor circulation
  • Cold temperatures
  • Cyanosis
  • Anaemia
  • Raynaud’s disease
What Should I Tell My Doctor?
  • You’ll need to describe the coloration of your hands – are the fingers blue, or just the nails? How severe is it? Are your hands sometimes blue and sometimes just an off-white or gray color? Let your doctor know!
  • Mention any other symptoms. Do you lose sensation in your fingers when they turn blue? Do they start tingling, or do you get a pins-and-needles type sensation?
  • Tell your doctor about any existing health problems that you know of. Do you have low blood pressure, a heart condition or anemia? These are just a few examples. However unrelated it might seem, it’s best to let your doctor know.
  • Try to say how long your hands stay blue for (unless they're permanently blue - in which case, say that).
  • Let your doctor know what medication you’re taking. Pills taken to treat other conditions might be causing this.
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Poor circulation due to low oxygen. Unless you were playing with blue paint or cloth.
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If you are an older male sounds like Raynauds, if not it means low o2 level and poor circulation. I would have that checked out ASAP.

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