How Addictive Is Crystal Meth?


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Its VERY VERY VERY VERY addictive but it doesnt make people forget about hygeine and stay away from people like raj said. I'm addicted to it and cocaine and hash and used to be addicted to heroin as well but during that time  and now I have never forgot about my daily shower or brushing my teeth and things like that. I'm actually really clean if you saw me on the street you wouldnt know I'm a junkie by looking at my teeth-they are whiter than most people. I am always out with people so I don't hide in my room all day sitting in my own filth getting high. I hate it when people give answers on this but they havent actually experienced it they just get it from websites and stuff like chopper he just copied and pasted a page so he doesnt know anything about it at all.
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Just give it time you will not only look sound and smell like a junkie, etc, etc ,etc in recovery we use a word, yet !
Everything that you have boasted about i.e the text book junkie is all ahead of you if you dont stop using, if you do not care about your self please think of those people that love you.
Please book yourself into rehab.
Please take care
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Crystal meth also known as methamphetamine is a potent psycho stimulant that is believed to be more addictive than heroin and cocaine. The craving for the drug increases if it is injected or smoked. The addiction is believed to stem from the drug's effects on the central nervous systems and users have often reported that using crystal meth increases their ability to concentrate.

Individuals who stopped using the drug often speak of an inability to think coherently in many simple and daily things as basic as taking a bath. This leads to a vicious circle in which the individual continues to use the drug to combat feelings of depression as well as to improve one's attention span.

The long term effects of addiction to crystal meth are an increase in the likelihood of heart disease and stroke. Use of methamphetamine induces a sense of apathy and the individual withdraws from all social activities and is often indifferent regarding matters of even basic hygiene.

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