Can Lysol Kill Scabies In Furniture?


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Lysol can kill scabies that are on shoes, so it may work on furniture, but you might consider using something else on your furniture.

Since scabies can continue to replicate and spread around your home before you are aware of having the infestation, you may want to consider fumigating your home. There is a fumigator you can buy at a local hardware store that has proven to be most effective.

As a fumigator it will stand in the middle of the room and discharge the fumigation spray. It will spread throughout the house, but you do need to use it in each room. Close the doors to the rooms and make sure the house is locked up tight.

You will want to follow the directions on the can or container regarding how long you need to leave the house for. When you come back, open up the house to let the air out. Remain outside the house as it airs out, so you are not affected by the leftover spray.

If you have any pets make certain that they remain away from the home until it is safe for them to enter again. Pets can be more sensitive to smells and certain pesticides. Your pet may need to be away from the house for more than 24 hours, just to ensure they will be okay. You should definitely not leave any pet at home with the fumigator working.

If you decide to use Lysol spray instead, you may find that this is not as effective. You would have to spray the furniture really well, including turning over any couch cushions and getting into any nooks the furniture may have.
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No you need to get something like RID you can get @ wal mart or any drug store
and if a person has them you need to go to the dr. To get an rx to put on the skin
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I don't know if that is true or false but if I were to try it, because it is suppose to be a disinfection I would have to do it more than twice before chancing the fact that the germs are dead and the furniture is clean enough to choice would be to get rid of the furniture and clean the house thoroughly and replace the furniture ....the best to you
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I tried it and it worked super good at killing them, I stoped getting bites and feeling them crawling all over me, and I showered with sulfur soap, which keeps them from comming back, I love the Lysol, I just found out there is professional Lysol too and I plan on getting that next, oh, and getting rid of them in your hair I use distilled white vinegar, I drench my hair in it and let it dry naturally, it doesn"t smell so bad after it drys, and I repeat it every day.

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