My Child's Father Is Threatening To Sue For Custody Because I Am Bipolar, Can He Do This?


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Can the father of my children take the kid and not bring them back
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You must stay in control of yourself and everything will work out just fine. To take a child away from their mother, it takes many indisputable pieces of evidence that you are an unfit mother. He may try but it is not very likely he will succeed.

Better than that, you should also understand that he is going through changes as well. I am sure that you are going through changes but as with marriage and everything else you do, you must do it as a couple and so should he. It takes a lot of effort to make a relationship work and these peaks or valleys make it all that much more difficult. I would imagine that by you throwing him out, he now feels as though you are taking away a part of him just as you would feel if he was to take the child from you. Maybe you could let him back in with the understanding that he will try harder to understand that your body is going through changes with the baby inside and that you will try to control your moodiness and try to understand that he also is going through changes. You should also have him agree that sometimes he will have to accept your mood swings even though you try to control them. Relationships only work if both parties are willing to give and take and not take advantage of.
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I am a bi-polar Mother. My stepFather tried to take my son away, when my mom died. I feel your pain. He did not succeed, and in other cases I know they did not succeed. You need to stay on top of things and yes do not stress, Bi-polar alone is not much of a reason to take custody. My son is now grown and in college, doing great.
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I'm a 27 yr. Old single mother of three boys. My oldest is now 9 1/2 , my middle is 7 and my youngest is about to turn 5. I am Bi-polar, and I've been raising my children fine. It hasn't been easy but I've done all I can to make sure that they have everything they need. Your child's' father cannot take your baby away simply for the fact that you have Bi-polar disorder. He has to have other facts to support his accusations of you being inadequate to raise a child. You need to report the fact that he is verbally abusive and makes threats to you. It will help you in the future if he continues to harass you. Good Luck. "You can visit my group on Bi-polar disorder if you'd like to learn more or share anything there."

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