What Is The Difference Between Upper Indus Plain And Lower Indus Plain?


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1.upper indus plain is the north while the lower is in the south
  1. 2.upper indus plain has doabs lower has no doabs
  2. 3.you.I.p has indus river and its tributaries flowing there while in l.I.p has only indus plain flowing there
  3. 4.upper indus plain covers most of the punjab while lower  covers most of sindh
  4. 5.river jhelum,sutlej,ravi,chenab meet at panjnad while in lower only indus river flows directly into the arabian sea
6.upper indus plain has potwar plateau next to it while balochistan plateaus located near lower indus plain
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The land of Pakistan is a mixture of different physical properties of the earth surface. It contains seashore to deserts, plains and plateaus.  The plains of Pakistan include coastal area, upper and lower Indus plain, the Balochistan Plateau, Salt Range and the Potwar Plateau. The upper indus plain is basically the upper portion of the indus and the lower portion through the same plain refers to lower indus plain. See the link for more information
upper and lower plain

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