Can Your Stomach Digest Latex?


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No! Latex would be passed though the digestive system just as it is with the drug runners that swallow balloons or condoms filled with drugs so as to not be detected at customs. The latex has no nutritional value or digestive qualities that would breakdown in the digestive track. It could however create other problems for the unlucky person that would attempt such a task.
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The stomach is filled with HCL, H2S04 is such a strong acid, it can burn thru skin within a few seconds

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You stomachs acids can digest just about anything
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The gentleman below this has a point. Mules who swallow latex filled with heroin or cocain in condoms to escape detection are taking a big risk. The stomach if full of sulfuric acid which can break down the latex releasing huge amounts of pure drugs into the system which is then death to the poor mule.tHE OLD GREY MARE AIN'T WHAT SHE USED TO BE

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