How Are You Going To Describe The Color "GREEN" To A Blind Person Since Birth?


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Terry Garcia answered
I would tell them that green tastes like lime jello, smells like fresh cut grass and feels like the mist of the early morning on your face.
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It is a very refreshing color. It is Mother nature in persona. It has a scent of fresh cut grass in the morning. It is life.
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Carolyn Wilkins answered
I have no idea since I'm one who would be described to
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I would tell him things that he might use or eat (like limes) are green and grass and tree leaves are green, and I would tell him what green mean a to me and how certain shades of green could make you happy or sad etc. But he really wouldn't be able to see green in his mind because green is something that you need to actually see to understand.
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I don't know what you answered. If I would have been in your place, I would have said that we can't. We can only tell the blind man about the green colour, but he wouldn't be able to grasp the exact colour in his mind. E.g. We can say the colour of leaves, grass, etc etc. But he will only learn that grass has green colour.

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