Who Is At Risk From Hypothermia?


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The categories most are risk from hypothermia are babies, young children, elderly people and alcoholics or anyone suffering from malnutrition or heart disease. Hypothermia is defined when the body temperature drops from the normal 98.6 degrees to 95 degrees fahrenheit.
Hypothermia is not a risk for people who are otherwise healthy and in a heated environment, but for babies and older people in particular, cold can 'set in' and this is when the body temperature drops.
Climbers who are stranded can also be at risk from this condition, as can anyone who is stranded in the sea.
The symptoms include shivering followed by cold and pale skin with lethargy and irrational behaviour. At this point the pulse and breathing slow down, as the body begins to close off.
In cases of suspected hypothermia it is important to seek urgent medical assistance and not to try and treat the person at home.

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