Why Is My Ear Bleeding Inside?


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This sounds quite serious; it is highly advised you seek medical advice at the earliest possible opportunity. Booking an appointment with the doctor is the first step you should take. The doctor will be able to examine your ear and will try to determine the cause of the bleeding. You may be referred to an ear specialist, but it is still best to go to the doctors as a matter of course.

A bleeding ear can be a sign of a perforated eardrum. This is obviously a great worry and needs a medical opinion immediately. The bleeding could also be due to an in-ear infection or spot. You may well have caught the top of the infection or spot when cleaning or prodding your ears a little too hard.

The inner-ear is rather delicate and so it should never be exposed to excess noise levels. This is certainly difficult if you are a regular concert-goer or you enjoy going to nightclubs with very loud sound systems. There are still ways to enjoy both pastimes without causing damage to your ears. The first suggestion is to avoid standing directly next to the speaker at these venues; this reduces the potential for the eardrums to perforate. You could also consider investing in some ear plugs; even the very cheap foam options are an added defence against excess noise levels.
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You may have a perforated eardum caused by an inner ear infection. Mostly they heal on their own but if its a bad infection you may need antibiotics and a good painkiller, so you should see your doctor
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A ruptured blood vessel usually from allergies or stress.  Most likely nothing to worry about if there was pain it would be an ear infection but because there is no pain its nothing to worry about however if pain or puss should occur you will need to get some inner ear cleaning fluid to stop an ear infection.  If one should occur if it gets to the point that when you are in a car and you go up hill and your ear has a horrible pain, this means there is too much fluid and it is hampering the ear drum.  Tilt your head to the side with the bad ear--- it will hurt however it is necessary to drain off the excess fluid then it should hurt for a few minutes afterwords but not until your ear fills up again which doesn't happen that often.  Hope this helps.
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You need to see a doctor as you may have a perforated ear-drum.
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My ear was hurting bad for 2 days soo I went to the hospital, at the hospital it started bleeding and the doctor had told me I had a serious ear infection, he put me on antibiotics and a pain killer.
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Yes, this is serious if the blood is coming from your ear canal.  You should make an appointment to see your doctor today.
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If you are bleeding from the ear, you need to go to the emergency room to get it stopped. It could be many different things that would make an ear bleed, especially if something has been poked or stabbed into the ear. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Ear injury
ear infection
middle ear infection
Ear inflammation
Foreign body in ear
Ear drum injury
loud nose
sudden pressure changes
Boil in the ear
Ear tom or
This are some things that may cause a ear bleed
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I'm 16 and I left my earphone on for my left ear the whole niqht with 40% of the volume and now my ear is like super low I went to the doctor yesterday and they qave me some ear drops after I put the eardrops. My ear started bleedinq each time I put the eardrops for the pain my ear starts to bleed I do have a ear infection but I wonder how lonq its qonna take to heal
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I was itching my ear with the end of a small tooth comb n I accidently hit it with my other hand now its bleeding

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