I Have A Black Spot On The Inside Of My Lower Lip, What Could It Be?


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It sounds a lot like a cold sore. These are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus and in the oral form causes small spots or blister around the lips and sometimes in the mouth on the gums. These can be sore but are also quite easy to treat without seeing the doctor as there are special creams you can buy to eradicate cold sores such as zovirax.

  • cold sores
Cold sores are very common and usually passed on to other people through kissing or similar activities that bring your mouth up to a cold sore. They are not always painful but it varies from person to person.

It usually last from between 7-10 days and fades if untreated but can heal quicker with creams and gels. However, if you are worried it may be something else or it has not healed after 10 days then the best thing to do would be to seek advice from a doctor as they would be able to advise you more accurately having examined the spot for you.

  • if in doubt...
If you are ever worried about anything health related the best thing to do it to seek professional advice whether that is going to see your doctor or going to a walk in clinic. Online forums can help but the answers are not necessarily accurate to you personally as many are not professional sites and they cannot physically examine you so it is always best to get these things checked out if you are worried about it as it will ease your worries once a professional has told you what it is or what it could be.
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I have a small black dot on the inside of my cheek, and the inside of my lower lip. What is this?
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How old are you? How long have you had it? Do you chew tobacco? Do you smoke? Does the spot hurt? When did it start? Did you bite your lip or cheek? If the spot just started a few days ago and appeared suddenly, then it is most likely caused by trauma (injury from biting your cheek, maybe when sleeping and grinding teeth). Blood blisters in the oral cavity heal very quickly (within 5 days). If this does not go away after 1 weak, See a Dentist or a physician.
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It could be the old blood clot from where you bit your lip.
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If it is not giving any problem to you the don't worry. If it cause itching or burning sensation then take treatment. To know further about this go for biopsy or MRI of this spot.
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Celery seed.
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Same here. More just formed and they keep expanding I am praying to God that its nothing serious and can be removed. No research has helped me so I suggest you wait until you see your dermatologist because this could be serious or simply just a color pigmentation.
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Same thing,blood clot,bruising,birth mark,you were born with it,or the the last thing you want to hear someone gave you a lip tattoo with dirty tools while you were sleeping. : ). See a doctor if your worried,then you will know if it is something serious or not.
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The black spot can be cholasma or it can be a spot where due to some injury, blood was gathered and deposited. The color of blood changed from red or pink to black, as hemoglobin is dead.

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