How Long Before Symptoms Of Alcohol Withdrawal Begin?


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I don't agree with Mark, it will happen as soon as your blood alcohol drops to a point where the body starts to withdraw. Even coming off a massive bender it would start in the first 12 hours if it was going to. They don't say "1 day at a time" for nothing.
Like all things, everyone is different. See a GP, having some valium available for the first month helped me a lot. I drank 15+ standard drinks a day, everyday for 25 years. When I stopped I was mainly bored, pissed off and worried about who I was and what had led me to that point. No physical withdrawal other than feeling tired and depressed.

Other people claim to have consumed a fraction of this amount and had full blown DT's. Don't do it unassisted and get to casualty/ER if it feels like its getting out of hand. Better to be assessed than going through hell or worse at home alone. There is no shame in doing something positive, even if you are embarrassed about how you got there.

I turned out to have ADD and since commencing treatment, haven't needed to drink at all. If I hadn't stopped I would have thought I was a career alcoholic and not looked for other causes.

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