What Is Bule Waffle?


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I think the term you are referring to is called 'blue waffle' and not 'bule waffle' as there are no specific references to 'bule waffle' as a term. Separately there is a word or term; 'bule' - which is slang or an Indonesian slang word meaning 'white person'. It is widely debated that the term may be derogatory but there is nothing to conclusively state whether it is or not.  The word 'waffle' means a breakfast food made with butter and flour. However if you are asking for the meaning of the term as a whole then it is my assumption that you have heard the two words spoken together. In this instance the term 'blue waffle' is not a very nice term. It does not refer at all to the breakfast food, waffles (specifically blueberry waffles), and the term could be used as an insult or in a derogatory fashion. Essentially 'blue waffle' is a general term for severe vaginal diseases (including sexually transmitted infections - STIs) that leave the female sex organs swollen, discolored and sore. Please listen to the warning here:
  • You should not go looking for pictures or searching for this term in your internet search engine (Google, Yahoo etc) as it will often take you to some very crude and nasty websites.
The word 'waffle' in this instance is slang for the female sex organs and the word 'blue' refers to the discolored nature of the organs. The term as a whole does not refer to a specific vaginal infection or disease but is a slang term that talks about the infections generally. The term is meant in a derogatory manner - infections to this region of the body are not funny but often very painful and upsetting.
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A  waffle is a crisp flat cake with a pattern of squares on both sides.

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