How Do You Know If You Have Nerve Damage In Your Back Or If It's A Bulging Disc?


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That sounds like Sciatica, when I drive for instance, in about 20 minutes I get a pain in my hip that travels down my leg. It is very severe, and when I go to stand up, I can hardly walk for a few minutes. If I don't change position while driving the pain gets very intense and my leg goes numb. I was told by my DR. That this is a common condition with disc issues, because there is a major nerve intersection in that part of your hip. Pain which starts there can travel down your leg to many areas, making it difficult to walk. I was prescribed anti inflammatory, and occasionally other nerve pain medication. If I can get some light walking, in and excersise to tighten back and belly muscles, that will bring more permanent relief. Type Sciatica, in your search engine, there are several sites that can give you more thorough information on it. You have my sincere empathy. Sciatica is very painful and hard to heal. Let me know if you get any relief!
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There are two common symptoms along with pain associated with nerve damage and bulging disc. These are
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
If your problem is muscle related then take rest and muscular pain killers. Swimming is good alternate for the medicines of backache.
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The only way to confirm nerve damage is an EMG.
The fact that your pain goes away once you stand up is a good sign.
Could e a bulging disc, spinal stenosis, or facet hypertrophy, or a combination of those.
So long as the pain goes away conservative treatment should work.

Pain and numbness that does not go away, and accompanied by weakness needs attention.

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