My Iron Level In 3 From Recent Lab Work, What Is The Work Thing That Can Happen If I Don't Get Medical Help?


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Iron levels this low are deadly serious (I had mine as low as 3 once so I know what I was told) run don't walk to that dr and get help. If you can't tolerate  pills the alternative treatments (and the one with iron as low as you have is likely the only choice anymore) is IV iron treatments and transfusions. Avoiding treatments rather then finding another solution in this case could be deadly, it's the iron  rich red blood cells that carry oxygen to your vital organs, without that oxygen they will not continue to function.  So  to answer your question, the worst thing that could happen if you don't get medical help with iron levels this low is you could die! Get help, there are alternatives to pills, and you need to have the dr's look for and determine the cause of this low an iron level. Are you not getting enough iron in your diet?  Are you not absorbing iron  properly? There are many causes, finding the cause  is likely to be the key to  finding the long term solution to avoid having this  issue repeat  over and over, or at least if you are in the category that I am and it's a genetic issue  they can plan to deal with it properly  so that it isn't dropping so low as this!
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Anemia due to iron deficiency can be of two types. That is defect at dietary intake of iron or defect at absorption level of iron. You have not mentioned cause of your iron deficiency. Treatment in iron deficiency patient is done by iron supplements. You should discuss this with your doctor as there are many ways to increase the iron tolerance. Your doctor might recommend iron by Iv or in combination with other drugs. If you don't take treatment then you can suffer from many problems like, constipation, shortness of breath, palpitation and many more. For more details, visit Anemia.

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