What Are Some Foods Or Liquids That Are Best With C-diff?


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There are number of foods and drinks that are best consumed when someone is suffering from Clostridium Difficile.

• What is Clostridium Difficile

This is a bacterium that causes severe diarrhea and other diseases linked to the intestines. Abdominal pain occurs in sufferers of the bacterial infection, which is sometimes brought on after using antibiotics which have cleared out beneficial gut flora.
• Foods to eat when you have c. Diff.

The best meats to eat when suffering from Clostridium Difficile are chicken and fish as they are easier to digest than red meat. The best fruit to consume is banana, and rice is also a good food to consume. The body will need rehydrating so it is best to consume foods that allow this to happen quickly. Some examples of the types of food that enable quick rehydration are cream soups, scrambled eggs and broths.

• Liquids to consume when suffering

The best liquid to consume is water, although some fruit juices will also enable rehydration. 'Gatorade' is another liquid that helps with quick rehydration.

• Food and drink to avoid

Red meat should be avoided as it is more difficult to ingest, and alcohol and fizzy drinks should also be avoided whilst symptoms persist. Dairy products should be avoided, as should excess sugar, as these can lead to the body feeling more bloated. Antibiotics should be avoided as they can cause a recurrence of the symptoms.

The best course of action is to drink plenty of water, eat healthy fruits and white meat until the symptoms reduce. The advice of a doctor should be sought as to the best foods and drinks to consume, as the doctor will be able to assess the seriousness of the symptoms being suffered.
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Don't worry your resident can any eat thing because the C. Diff is normal flora of our intestine. It can become pathogen by use of antibiotics for other infections. If he is having diarrhea then give him soft food with liquid intake. C. diff is not contagious. You also be having many these bacteria in your intestine without any problem. So give him any soft food which he can digest easily and drink a lot to avoid dehydration.
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I'm a nurse, and c diff is very contagious. Make sure you wash all clothes with bleach or lysol added. Wash hands if touching patient..wear gloves when changing..if incontinent. Avoid antibiotics, as this makes c diff reoccur. Avoid sugar intake and dairy..except for yogurt. Chicken and fish are the best meats..as red meat is hard to digest.. Rice is good,bananas the best fruit. Give small mini meals of cream soups, scrambled eggs, broths, gatorade for dehydration. Make sure patient is drinking lots of liquids. If they use the same toilet as you or shower, clean with bleach....above all be safe!!!

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