My Son Can't Stop Making Saliva And Spitting It Out. Is There Anything We Can Do In Addition To Medication?


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Some doctors will suggest that people who produce too much saliva avoid talking while eating and that they do not open their mouth too wide when talking. There is also a drug called atropine sulfate, which you may consider using to decrease your son's saliva production. But most doctors only recommend atropine if the situation becomes really unmanageable, due to the potential side effects. If your son has asthma, he should avoid atropine sulfate altogether. Visit this site for more information on treatments.
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You didn't mention how old your son is. I have raised three sons and let me tell you...boys spit. I don't know what it is but when they go through puberty, they spit. They eventually outgrow it. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
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Hes probably just grossed out by something weird like blood, gore movies, or something that smells weird.Its happened to me, I'm a boy.

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