My Breath Literally Smells Like Feces. What Can I Do?


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Bad breath, or to give it its medical name Halitosis is a common enough problem, and although no doubt an embarrassing subject to talk about, even to family and friends, it should not stop you from addressing the problem and seeking out help from medical professionals. Halitosis is often a fairly innocuous affliction, in that there is usually no accompanying pain and no impairment to your physical abilities but it is potentially a destroyer of a person's life; sapping all confidence and promoting withdrawal from society.

The myth seems to be that bad breath is the fault of the sufferer, and while with some patients this may be true, in cases such as an unhealthy diet or poor dental hygiene, it often has nothing to do with either and, for want of a better phrase, is purely bad luck. In some situations bad breath can be a symptom of a more serious condition e.g. Lung or kidney disease among others, which increases the importance of letting a doctor or dentist know as soon as possible.

There are a number of ways that it is possible to tackle this problem, should it not be a symptom of an underlying illness, which should allow you to manage the condition:

1. Brushing your teeth, ideally twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is an essential part of good oral hygiene management.

2. Flossing will also help remove excess debris between your teeth, which can decompose causing your breath to smell.

3. Invest in a tongue scraper and use it as part of your daily routine

4. Gargle with an effective mouthwash.

5. Avoid eating foods with a pungent odor such as onion or garlic, although these will be transient causes of bad breath and will disappear in time anyway, and generally do not make your breath smell like feces.

5. Lastly chewing on a sugarless gum will generate saliva in your mouth which can help wash away any bacteria in your mouth.
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Feces like smell from the breath can be due to poor dental hygiene,  bowel obstruction and cavities in teeth. The reasons of bowel obstruction are medicines especially narcotics, abdominal infection, decreased potassium levels, Kidney problems, Mesenteric ischemia, hernia, gallstones, foreign bodies in intestine, intestinal tumors and twisted intestine.
At home you should maintain proper
dental hygiene and clean your tongue along with teeth. Visit a doctor for the diagnosis of Bowel obstruction and tooth cavities
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Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Old feces is compacted in the walls of your colon, and sometimes this feces actually leaks into the bloodstream causing bad mouth and skin odor!
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Might be tooth cavity
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Stop chewing on turds

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