My Girlfriend Is Depressed And Won't Talk To Me. How Can I Get Her To Open Up?


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Do you know if anything happened before she left to go camping?  Was everything fine before that?  Is she unhappy at work?  Problems with friends or family?  It could be so many things but if she doesn't want to discuss it with you, maybe you could suggest and encourage her to talk to someone else.  She may need to let it out with someone who's on the outside and who would be able to listen without an emotional connection.  Try not to smother to pressure her because it could make her more upset and frustrated.  Good luck.
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Hey dude..the problem could be that you and your girlfriend haven't built this solid "I can confide in you at anytime about anything" bond...she could be going through a very difficult time and I think she might have seen or experienced something really bad at the camping trip..maybe she cheated on you and feels ashamed and bad that she might loose you,she might have seen someone doing something bad or she is just not being herself and going through serious hormonal changes...make her feel comfortable and relaxed and in no time she'll open up to you,good luck
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Your right, even though it would be weird that a couple living together should have that kind of relationship down pat. But still, it could be the issue.
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Tell her that she can trust you (ONLY IF ITS TRUE!!!). Reassure her. Ask her what she wants, what you can do to make her happy. Do little things like texting her "how was your day?" or something sweet. If you promise to be there for her, be there for her. Help her in any way you can, be the sweet-supportive boyfreind and just reassure her you are there to help.
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Will she just not tell you whats the matter with her..?? She sounds a lot like me. And its painful to bein those shoes. In yours too. It can be rough I put my boyfriend thru it and I saw what it did to him, so I tried a different approach. I started writing letters to him when I was upset. Expressing how I felt on paper felt so much easier. Its really helped me... To write and tell him how I felt rather than say it to his face during an argument or when I'm hurting... If it has to do with family etc.... ANd I don't mean write the letter during an argument lol. Just understand its hard for her to open up. Give her some space... Let her know you want to know whats wrong. And ask her to write you a letter to help you understand... It works!!!! Try it. I'm finally getting better at opening up. Weve done our fair share of fighting. It was time to change.. Good luck hun
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While you wait for her to tell you, keep an eye out for severe mood changes.
I would ask her if she needs time alone, and what happened on that camping trip.  If you get frustrated stop asking her, it can only make your lives harder.For reasons unknown she may just need someone to lean on, love her  and encourage her. Frustration didn't help either one of you, so I would leave her alone on that subject and be alert to severe changes in her.
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We haven't been in any arguments lately... But she is stressed out about work, and she talks about it with her friends, she just doesn't tell me anything. I want her to know that I'm here for her. But your right ill just have to give her some space and time. Thanks
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When women want to talk, it usually means just that. Men have a BUILT IN PROBLEM SOLVING MECHANISM. Often women need to find their own solution, but just need to vent, and when guys try to fix things, it does not comfort them. Give her time, when she does talk,LISTEN!
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Just don't be hard on her and show her that you are always will be there for her then when she really needs to talk she will know that your arms are wide open and you will listen to her.
but lets hope she didn't do anything bad at camp show her that you trust her and love her and you'll always be there for her
good luck
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It takes time just hold her and tell her it will be alright, she should eventually open up.
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Do little things to remind her of how much she matters 2 you...little acts that don't seem like much but r sure not 2 be overlooked......and give lots of hugs...girls love hugs it makes them feel safe and wanting to spill their problems
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Maybe she just needs some alone time. Or maybe shes been busy for 2 day. Just what ever you do, just don't worry. Its probably nothin serious
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Hi Sara here tony do one thing ask your girlfriend to go to a date or send her love letters if she don't listen then give her a pair of flowers try it it will work best wishes
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Ask yourself first >> what did you do for her ?
Try to call her may be she waits for your call
I hope that every thing is going to be okay
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12-14 she wants to dump you.sorry just being honest.15-19 somethings wrong and doesnt know how to handle it.above either those two,or partying.
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This is never a good thing... Usually something is wrong... If you really care... Prepare for a loooong talk.
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Oh.. That is not good. Either something is wrong with her communication. Or your going to get dumped. That's what happens. She's afraid to tell you. I'm sorry.
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Well either she is mad at you and doesnt want to see you. Her phone is lost/dead, she is sick, wants some spce, wants to be alone... There are so many reason out there. Has she been acting a little bit weirdly around you lately or something?
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It means that uve done some thing wrong but no wories just go 2 her and ask her y she wont talk to you if that dosent work get stuff she likes give it to her with an I love you

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