Does The Alpiste Seed Cause Cancer If Used More Than 3 Months?


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Alpiste seeds are covered with very fine siliceous spicules. These seeds have previously been used in health improvement as a dietary component.

Despite the benefits derived, there have been concerns raised from the fact that the alpiste seed is suspected to cause cancer when used for more than three months. These concerns are genuine, especially when the chemical components are put into consideration. The siliceous spicules which cover the alpiste seed are noted to be skin irritants and potentially carcinogenic. The carcinogenic components are the ones which when used over a long duration of time are considered to have potential for causing cancer.

Today however, the chemical composition of the seed can be modified through chemical treatment which aims at eliminating the spicules. The grout is hulled, since the grout contains starch components which are estimated at 18 percent of protein. This amount is substantially higher hence the seed has been recommended for protein substitution. The alpiste seed possesses a lot of enzymatic capacity. This enzymatic capacity is mainly used to detoxify the main body organs. The liver, kidneys and the pancreas are cleansed by the detoxifying ability of this seed. Due to this ability, it is credited for healing various illnesses which relate to the organs mentioned. For instance, liver cirrhosis, diabetes and some kidney ailments. The enzymatic potential is noted to recharge the kidney enzymes, thus promoting a healthy urinary system and output. It also contains lipase enzyme. This enzyme helps in the reduction and at times removal of body fat quickly and since it is in the bloodstream, it tackles fat in the veins, arteries and other areas of potential fat deposits. It is therefore also credited to fighting obesity. With this type of proximity to the body organs therefore, when the carcinogenic compound of the alpiste seed is included in the intake, the harm may be caused but scientifically, it still has not been proven to be a major cause of cancer though it is carcinogenic when not hulled before intake.
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There is no need for a "chemical treatment" for a natural product. Google "certified silica fiber free alpiste".
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Yes, bird food quality Alpiste is linked to cancer due to the microscopic silica fibers on the seed hull.  Pureza brand silica fiber free alpiste is safe for human consumption.
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Well, I don't think it can cause cancer.
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According what I read there is a likelihood of the silica spicules getting stuck in the throat which may cause problems in the long run. If that is the case then using the finest sieve to get rid of most of the silica particles when making alpiste milk and then having some clean water directly afterwards should flush most if not all stuck particles from the throat sounds feasable to me!

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