How Long Does Pain Med,cocaine,marijuana Stay In System, Could Pass Urine Test In 3-4 Days?


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Sorry sweety, The pain medication and the cocaine could be gone in that amt. Of time, provided you drink a gallon of water each day, but the marijuana stays in the system a long time. If you only use it occasionally, you might be able to pass it in 14 days provided you drink lots of fluids, and a gallon of water the day before the test, and you are in fairly good health, and are youngish. It is not what others think about you, that matters. I do not pass judgement on anyone, or at least I try not to. No-one has the right to judge you, except legal authorities. I don't personally think that anyone is saint, by their own power. I hope you consider that you may be putting your future in danger. All the good jobs require a drug screen these days.
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Most of all marijuana overworks the brain cells, that's more important than the time it takes health wise. What counts is you passed your test and are on the verge of droppng it or have already.
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Water in large amounts only dilutes the test, and when they find that, to them that means that you are trying to flush the narcotics out of your system, so they still have you caught when you do that, why do that stuff to begin with, what a waste of a good brain.
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For a urine test it only takes 2-4 days for cocaine to clear the system, but for cannabis (pot) it can take 2-7 days with light use and 1-3 months with prolonged use. You might be able to pass, but I doubt you will good luck.
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If I weight 120 pounds, I smoke pot everyday, and take unsubscribe pain medication, how long do these drugs stay in my system? What is the name of a cheap detox kit, or what is a home remedy to get these drugs out of my system fast?
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How long does it realy take for med narcotics to leave the system and when they test you does everything else show up
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Go to your local chemist and buy a bottle of detox, drink it then sit on the toilet all night. Sorted. Go to your screening without freaking out then go home, get high and giggle about screwing the system.

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