What Is The Major Difference Between Neurosis And Psychosis?


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Neurosis is a general and often somewhat vague term for a non-psychotic mental disorder. This could be depression, panic or anxiety attacks, compulsions, phobias or even psychosamatic illnesses.
Psychosis is a serious illness, such as schizophrenia or paranoia.
The main difference is that if someone is neurotic they will have a sense of reality but their neurosis may affect their daily life. So they will still know what is going on around them, but if they are obsessive, they may have to wash their hands thirty times a day.
If someone is psychotic however, they will have little concep of reality. They will also have extremely abnormal feelings, thoughts and actions and be unable to understand or make sense of the world in which they live.
Usually people who are spychotic will need intensive treatment in a hospital for their safety and the safety of others, whilst neurotic patients can receive outpatient treatment.
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Psychosis is mental illness or abnormal condition of mind which involves loss of contact with reality. Psychosis can cause hearing, seeing, tasting and smelling conditions which are actually not there.
Neurosis is an mental imbalance which does not prevent or affect rational thoughts. It can cause depression, anger, anxiety and irritability etc.

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A psychotic is disconnected from reality, A neurotic is worried about reality.
A psychotic thinks he is in a jungle when he is in a city, A neurotic feels like the city is as dangerous as the jungle.

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