Do You Think That A Club Theme Sweet Sixteen Party With Non-alcoholic Drinks Is A Good Idea?


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How would it be  different than a normal party with music, non-alcoholic drinks, dancing and mingling?  Would you have fake bartenders and non-alcoholic drinks served in cocktail glasses (martini and the like)?   Although it is natural  for a teenager to want to engage in adult activities, I would be curious to know exactly what about the club theme is attractive to them.  Even if it's not the drinking, there's still the  risk that alcohol could be sneaked in for all those excited about the "drinking theme"  and you could be held responsible, which would be really bad news for everyone.     Parties  with teenagers and alcohol don't need to be encouraged, trust me, they will happen.  The only  advantage you have by  allowing the party is avoiding a tantrum but you will potentially avoid an ocean of trouble.
If your teen already has their heart set on the party  and you're confident about them not drinking maybe you can just do some strict door/bag checks and have some fun things to do at party like Kareoke, games, dancing  to keep everyone busy and having fun.  But be prepared to take on the responsibility of potential sneakers.  I would definitley sit them down and have an open discussion with them why 21 is the legal drinking age and why 16 is too young to drink.  I drank at 16 like many people , and my parents never gave me that sort of informative talk  and I sort of  wish they did!(your brain's still developing, brain cells don't regenerate etc.)  Good luck!!!  :-)

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