Where To Buy Hcg Nasal Spray?


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It is possible to buy HCG nasal spay in some health food stores but the most popular way to buy the product is online. Online stores such as Amazon and Intermountainhcg offer the dieting product in its nasal spray form. Often you can buy a three-week supply at a time or by weight, such as eight ounces, for example. Nasal sprays are preferable to other methods of taking HCG as it penetrates the blood stream, but it has not caught on particularly well. In order to get the best effects of HCG nasal spray, it is important to follow the instructions carefully.

HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women that is controversially used for weight loss. As well as the nasal spray there are three other ways you can use HCG for losing weight. The first way the dieting method was used was by injected the hormone through shots. For decades it was the only way individuals could receive HCG. It is highly effective as the hormones are injected directly into the bloodstream but it involves a daily trip to the doctors, which works out to be extremely expensive. Since the invention of alternative forms of taking HCG, the popularity of injections has reduced dramatically. HCG can also be bought in the form of pills. This is a much simpler and less painful way to get HCG into your body but, as it is digested through the stomach, it is not as effective at getting into your blood stream. Other than nasal sprays the other form of HCG is sublingual drops. These are drops that are taken under the tongue. This is currently the most popular form of taking HCG as it is cheap, readily available and often come with a money back guarantee.

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