Why Does It Feel Like There's An Air Bubble In My Stomach?


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Tracy Koroma answered
Oh gosh, there are loads of things that could be causing you to feel as if there’s an air bubble trapped in your stomach.

Not Eating Enough
If you’ve been skipping meals, it’s quite common to feel as if there’s a giant air bubble in your stomach.

This is usually accompanied with sharp pains and...well, hunger, so it should be pretty easy to tell if this is what’s causing the problem!

Trapped Wind
If you’ve been drinking a lot of soda or beer, there’s probably a lot of gas in your stomach. The same goes for if you’re constipated: If there’s gas inside you that can’t get out, it’ll feel like a pocket of air because it is a pocket of air!

I quite often feel as if there’s a bubble of air in my stomach when it’s my time of the month - there’s not actually any air in there, but the cramps make it feel as if there is! Try putting a hot water bottle over your stomach and see if that does the trick.

Poor Diet
This one probably goes hand-in-hand with trapped wind, but if you eat a lot of junk food and don’t get enough fiber, your stomach can feel as if it’s doing some pretty weird things.

Make sure you’re eating plenty of fruit and veg, and eating wholegrain pasta and bread instead of white.
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Your problem can be due to swallowing air, use of chewing gum, some vegetables, constipation, eating rapidly etc.

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