Does Anyone Have Easy Wedgie Dares For Me Ps Very Painful Though?


6 Answers

Craig McGrew Profile
Craig McGrew answered
Ok, hm....well the only thing I can think of is pull you underwear really far up your butt, take one end of a piece of rope, and throw it over a really high branch. Then, put the other end and tie it to your leg holes. Now either you or a friend pull the end of the rope over the branch as high as possible, then tie the rope to something really tight. If you want to be really high up off the ground, have a friend do the pulling.
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Okay, so after I have tied your hands behind your back I have wedgied you so that the sides of your pants are wrapped around your ears.  Now, get out of that !!!. 
Bloom Winx Profile
Bloom Winx answered
Do messy atomic itchy squeky clean wedgie how's that and do it as long as you can if cannot anymore add five mins.
Vicky Ticha Profile
Vicky Ticha answered
Okay first what exactly is a wedgie dare?

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