Which of the following would not be an issue attributed to worms?


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Without having any extra details on your question, it is very hard to be able to help you come up with an answer. Perhaps if you were to post more details, you will find the help that you require.

However, on the off chance that this will help you, here is some information about worms.

  • Interesting facts about worms

With roughly 2,700 different types in existence, the earthworm is little known about by the majority.

The majority of the knowledge that we do have on earthworms is due to the never ending hard work and dedication that Charles Darwin gave to the study of them. He spent 39 years in total examining all aspects of the creature, from the way that it acts in its environment, to the way that it uses its surroundings to survive.   

A cold blooded organism, the worm secretes nitrogen in its slime, a much needed nutrient for crops and other plants. This sticky substance also holds bunches of soil together in clumps known as aggregates.

Unusually, the earthworm is able to duplicate or substitute the majority of its segments should they become removed for any reason. The ability to do this does differ from each species and the extent of injury that it has received.  

  • Attributes of worms

A worm does not have eyes, but fortunately does not require to; being able to sense light, they more in the opposite direction from where it is coming from, as too much time spent in the sun can soon paralyze it.

The biggest earthworm that has ever been recorded was discovered in South Africa, and was a massive 22 feet long.

Luckily this is not common, although it is thought that there is an average of over a million earthworms per acre of land.

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