The most dangerous aspect of multiple depressant use is the additive factor? Lol true or false


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We are not entirely sure what your question is asking but believe you are asking about if there are potential problems with depressants and addiction. It appears that there is much debate within the medical community as to whether there are addictive factors to depressants.

  • What is a depressant?

A depressant is a drug that can lower the activity of a certain area of the body in order to bring relief. Some medical professionals have suggested that the drugs themselves do have addictive factors and that is a potential risk to those who are taking them. However - there is also a differing view.

Other professionals suggest that it is not the drugs themselves that are addictive, but it is some of the following feelings that are caused by the drugs that people can become addicted to happiness, calmness and peace.

  • The right dosage is vital

Of course - there is no danger in wanting to happy, calm and peaceful instead of sad and anxious, but the dosage of the depressants can take its toll on the human body if used for a prolonged period of time. Also, it is not encouraged that people become dependent on the drugs to maintain a feeling of calm. Instead they should look to train their own willpower and mental state to control their anxieties.

It has been suggested that people who are using the drugs as a form of psychological relief should use them in combination with some form of therapy or counseling. The drugs can treat the symptoms but they can never be a resolve for the core of the psychological problem that is causing the patient to feel anxious.

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