What Is The ICD-9 Code For H.pylori ?


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The ICD-9 code for H. Pylori is 041.86.

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These are codes that are in the public domain and relate to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. They are broken down into 20 sections that are simple to search. Codes 001-139 are classed as infectious and parasitic diseases, and codes 140-239 are neoplasms. Codes 240-279 are classed as endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, and immunity disorders. Diseases of the blood are listed as codes 280-289, whilst mental disorders carry the codes 290-319. Diseases of the nervous system are categorized with the codes 320-359, and diseases of the sense organs are listed between 360-389. Codes 390-459 cover diseases of the circulatory system, and codes 460-519 are for diseases of the respiratory system. 520-579 covers diseases of the digestive system, and diseases that affect the genitourinary system use the codes between 580 and 629. Further codes cover conditions and problems including complications of pregnancy and congenital anomalies.

  • H. Pylori
The full title of these bacteria is helicobacter pylori, and they inhabit parts of the stomach, causing inflammation of the stomach lining and are linked to the development of stomach cancer and gastric ulcers. Over 50% of the population of the world hold the bacteria in their gastrointestinal tract and infection is more common in developing countries. The bacteria cause mild problems such as stomachaches, vomiting and flatulence. Testing for the bacteria is achieved by testing blood and stools, and treatments are varied depending on the conditions of the carrier of the bacteria. One of the most serious conditions that is suffered by carriers of the bacteria is stomach ulcers, and these are treated using what is known as the triple therapy system.
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H.Pylori or Helicobacter pylori are bacteria which can cause infection in stomach and duodenum and are major cause of gastric and duodenal ulcer. The ICD-9 code for H. Pylori is 533. For more details, visit ICD-9 533.
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The ICD-9 code 533 is the code for Peptic Ulcer. H. Pylori is the bacteria that is a major cause of the Ulcer. But the code for H. Pylori Infection is 041.86. Not 533. The code 533 also requires a 4th and 5th digit.

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