I Found Brown Color Tiny Little Worms Today With My Urine...only Two Worms,... I Am Really Scared... I Was Going Through Most Of The Articles About These Kind Of Questions, But Couldn't Find A Proper Answer... Can You Please Tell Me?...thank You


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These could be a number of things and you should go and see your doctor to discuss.

It is very rare to pass worms with urine so these could have already been in the toilet. Other reasons for finding these 'worms' could be that they are in your intestine and they could have come out of your anus while you were on the toilet. This is much more likely than having passed them with urine. If this is the case, having worms in your intestine is something that you should get looked at by your doctor and can be treated with medication. You should not leave these and not get treated as they could cause you damage in the long term if not treated.

Another possibility is if they were vaginal mucus. This mucus is natural and usually occurs either just before or just after your period. This is nothing to worry about any is just the remains (or start) of your bleeding. This can look thicker and browner than usual menstrual blood. Although this is completely natural and not a medical issue, you should go to see your doctor, just in case it was not vaginal mucus.

One of the very few cases of passing worms with urine is if you have Schistosoma. This is a disease that will make you very unwell far before you start passing worms, so if you have no major health concerns then this is definitely not the case. Schistosoma is also only found in 70 countries worldwide and these nations are usually tropical, third world nations. The disease is passed through drinking and bathing in dirty, bacteria filled stream water so this is a very unlikely cause.

Do go and see your doctor though who will be able to look into it with tests to put your mind at rest and give you any medication you may need.
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I never heard of this til yesterday.  I was shocked.  I retrieved the little black worm and put it a tissue to take to the doctor.  It lived about an hour then died.  The doctor is having it analyzed.  I really don't have any other symptoms.  As soon as I find out anything, I'll post.
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I had a similar thing happen, when I was 5, I was in the bath and as kids do decided to pee, when I noticed thad it was a mixture of blood and urine with several perfectly viable wiggling worms (as at the time I thought it was sperm related), now tho I have never been treated or tested. Now 12 yrs ltr I believe I have the thinworm and treating it with some tablet. Whether those things I saw are still there or this tablet for the thinworm will affect it I don't know, however it has really freaked me out! :/
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Earthworms... ?
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I suggest that you have your urinalysisUrinalysis taken and a complete blood count also. The presence of parasites my be detected based on the increased levels of eosinophils in the blood (eosinophils are a type of white blood cells). You may also have a kidney, ureterCancer - renal pelvis or ureter
Reflux nephropathy
Vesicoureteral reflux and bladder ultrasound done. At this point, observing your subsequent urineCalcium - urine
Calcium urine test
Chloride - urine
Cortisol - urine
Electrolytes - urine
Glucose test - urine
Hcg in urine
Ketones - urine
Kidney - blood and urine flow
Lh urine test (home test)
Ph urine test and also making sure that the toilet bowl is clean  prior to urination may be necessary.

Parasitic infections in the urinary as well as genital tracts are possible but they are not fairly commonCommon cold. Unless, you are immunocompromised, or with previous history of travel and exposure to someone with this condition, then a parasitic infection may not be likely.

Do you have any associated signs and symptoms like fever and abdominal pain?


I have  been having little tiny worms in my urine.  Little clear thin ones and little black thin ones.  Shorter than a 1/2/ inch ... Abdominal cramping and bloating.  I asked my doctor for treatment and she provided mebendazole, a small chewable pill.  Since starting this regimen I have been releasing many more f the parasite.  I had a c-section.  

I've been told by some to maintain a daily regimen with food grade diatomaceous earth.
Also to try drinking a lot of cranberry juice or even apple-cider vinegar mixed with apple juice or water.
On another web-site I found that parasites are quite common and long ago people knew better and took precautionary measures such as eating raw onions, raw garlic.
"These herbs are nature's gift to us. "  The herbs you need are:

    * Black Walnut Green Tincture
    * Wormwood Tincture
    * Cloves Tincture
when used all at once you eliminate all stages of these parasites.
Will any of these treatments help.  I am trying them all one by one.

I already am on my third and final day of treatment by mebendazole ... Though I need to repeat this in 3 weeks as only adult parasites will die.  Wont that give time for new eggs to be laid besides hatch?

I have begun a regimen of food grade DE ... 1 tbspn with water or juice.

Help ... I skeeve myself and just want to die!
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Worms are sometimes found in the intestines and can pass through the rectum and out with a bowel movement. Even though you only urinated, a couple of worms could have dropped out during the process. Unlikely but possible. At any rate, you need to have your urine and stool examined for parasites.
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hello i suffer from that too ... There is a tiny worms going out with urine i went to several doctor and they asked me to make GUE test & CBC & stool test and every thing was normal i took Albandazol and all the worms going out and also when i dink the Cranberries i saw many worms . I also suffer stomach pain and gases also

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There can be both microscopic and macroscopic parasites in the urine. The macroscopic parasites are Fluke which cause infection in the kidney, bladder and ureter. There are also present thread worms. But the presence of these worms in urine is doubtful. All USA doctors don't believe presence of these parasites in urine.
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Me too I pee'd one out today, it looked exactly like a earth worm but the insides of it were like red (blood) it was about 2 cm long :-(
I feel fine n stuff no symptoms but yer I don't know ey, I am a dude and I work at a milling job and do often crawl around in dirt n stuff I don't know ey I'm 17 too I'm he'll confused ha : /
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I am sorry to say, there are no worms reported in the urine of human. Some worms and parasite can be found in the bladder like fluke but these are microscopic and can not be seen by naked eyes. What you saw in your urine are mucus strands secreted by vagina and mix with urine while urinating. Brown mucus strands are possible just before or immediately after periods. The movements in these mucus strands is possible due to currents produced by the pressure of urine. Anyhow, you should collect urine sample in bottle and go for urine analysis and blood tests for parasitic infection.
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Thanks this explains a lot about the situation..but it was moving..so I took one worm in to a glass of water to get a clear look of that worm.it was a warm.........it was very clear...i still didn't go to a doctor coz I really need to find these kind of things happens or not....thank you very much.
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Hi I am a doctor I have same case with a patient 17 years old but she pass the worms every 3 -4 months . I told here to bring it next visit to analyse it .
She has clear general stool exam. Only + pus cell in urine no blood
OGD normal done because she has chr. Dyspoepsia
worm are brown moving as she said stay alife 3 weeks in water
she said it has head and long tail with hairs on head/ I am waiting to get worms for exam.

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