Using MRTG, Ntop, and SNMPC to collect flow data from your routers and switches to identify traffic/packet anomalies ia an example of a?


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MRTG is a tool that generates HTML pages to monitor internet traffic. SNMP stands for simple network management protocol and the MRTG makes use of it to do the hard work. That is why when setting up the MRTG, it is highly important to have an understanding of the SNMP.
Traffic is monitored so that network managers can see easily issues such as denial-of-service attacks and security problems. MRTG is a free tool and works on both Linux and Windows computing platforms.
The Simple network management protocol tool is used to facilitate the management of information between network devices.
Ntop is another traffic monitoring device and can monitor all kinds of traffic including TCP/IP and raw Ethernet etc. Ntop is used to display a summary of network usage of computers connected to your network. It can be run in web mode so that the display may be used with a web browser.

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