What Is Bloody Discharge From Penis?


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I have been having a bloody  discharge from my penis. Its not when I urinate just in general.  There is no pain it is a thick discharge not milky . During some activities like long walks and picking up my daughter I get a straining feeling but not painful. Almost like something wants to come out.
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My husband had that, it was a broken blood vessel. The dr. Said that it wasn't a concern unless you have other symptoms.
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It sounds as if this problem is a little much for this venue and I would recommend a ASAP visit to a Medical Doctor for a real diagnosis.
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If this happened during micturation , its called hematoureia and it could be asigne to various lesions effecting the urinary tract starting from the kidneys to the urethra , if it happens outside periods of micturation its most likely to be caused by a lesion located in alevel below the kidneys (especially the urethra ),is there any history of trauma?,accompanying symptoms(increased times of urination, burring sensation, fever ,urgent felling of micturation ,etc..),or is it only this bloody discharge ,in both ways don't underestimate it go see a  Doctor

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