Can Low Potassium Cause Hair Loss?


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Unfortunately it can do, yeah.

My late husband started losing his hair before he was even in his thirties. The doctor reckoned it was a hereditary thing, but said that a high-sodium, low-potassium diet would make it worse.

How It Works
Well, apparently potassium helps your body deal with sodium. If you’ve got a salty diet (my husband Kev was always picking up KFC on his way home) then the excess sodium will block up your hair follicles and stop any nutrients getting to your hair.

Potassium – like you find in bananas and all that – helps your body break down the sodium so your hair can get all the goodness it needs.

One banana only contains about ten percent of your recommended daily allowance for potassium, so ideally you’ll want to get your hands on some potassium supplements instead. You can get them from most health shops (Kev got his from Holland and Barrett) and some places even sell special shampoo that’s got potassium in.

Hope that’s made it a bit clearer for you, love!
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Yes, very much - not only that but your hair will grow slow and break easily.

Drink green tea (5 cups a day), get potassium supplements, and also take 2 to 3 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar which is rich in potassium as well, you can buy this all at Trader Joe's.
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